Northwest Coast Art

In the Spirit of The Ancestors-Robin  Wright & Kathryn Bunn-Marcus Contemporary Art of the Northwest Coast Art, Burke Museum.

Cedar - Hilary Stewart

Art of The Northwest Coast Indians - Robert Inverarity

Kwakiutl Art - Audrey Hawthorn

Soft Gold:  - Bill Holm
Fur Trade and Cultural Exchange on the NW Coast of America 

Sun Dogs & Eagle Down  - Steven C. Brown
The Indian Paintings of Bill Holm

Spirits of The Water - Steven C. Brown
Native Art Collected on Expeditions to Alaska & British Columbia 1774-1910

The Spirit Within Seattle Art Museum / Steven C. Brown            The Northwest Coast Native Art- The John H. Hauberg Collection

Looking at Art of the Northwest Coast - Hilary Stewart

Seekers and Travellers - Gary Wyatt                                                    Contemporary Art of the Pacific Northwest Coast

The Legacy - Paul Macnair / Alan Hoover / Kevin Neary
Tradition and Inovation in Northwest Coast Indian Art

Northwest Carving Traditions Karen & Ralph Norris

North American Indian Art: - Peter T Furst  & Jill L Furst

Looking at Totem Poles - Hilary Stewart

People of the Totem - Norman Bancroft-Hunt

The Totem Pole - Aldona Jonaitis / AAron Glass
An Intercultural History

Totem Poles of the Pacific Northwest Coast Edward Malin

Art of the Northwest Coast  - Aldona Jonaitis 

Northwest Coast Indian Painting - Edward Malin
House Fronts and Interior Screens

Learning By Design Series Jim Gilbert and Karin Clark

Tlingit Wood Carving Series Richard Beasley 
Mask, Tray and Hat

The Traditional Art of the Mask -  Lelooska                                        Carving a Transformation Mask

The Wolf and the Raven - Viola Garfield - Linn A. Forrest
Totem Poles of Southeastern Alaska

The Way of the Masks - Claude Levi-Strauss

Peoples of The Northwest Coast
Archaeology & Prehistory  - Kenneth Ames / Herbert Maschner

James Swan, Cha~Tic - George A Miles
Drawings and Watercolors from the Franz & Kathryn Stenzel Collection

A Russian American Photographer in Tlingit Country , Vincent Soboleff In Alaska
by Sergi Kan

The Storage Box of Tradition - Ira Jenkins                               Kwakiutl Art, Anthropologists, and Museums, 1881 -1981

How to Sharpen Carving Tools - Rick & Ellen Butz

The Complete Guide to Sharpening Leonard lee

Woodworkers Guide to Sharpening - John English

Where Masks Still Dance  : New Guinea - Chris Rainier
Not NW Art but interesting, stunning B&W Photos of PNG art.

Edward S Curtis - In the land of the war Canoes - Bill Holm and George Irving Quimby
A Pioneer Cinematographer in the Pacific Northwest

Bill Reid - Doris Shadbolt

Out of the Silence - Bill Reid & Adelaide De Menil

Crooked Beak of Heaven - Bill Holm                                           Masks and other Ceremonial Art of the Northwest Coast 

Haida Monumental Art - George F MacDonald                                  Villages of the Queen Charlotte Islands

North American Indian art- Erna Siebert
Masks,amulets, wood carvings and ceremonial dress from the North-West coast

Tlingit, Ancient Indian art from Alaska - Judith Rickenbach                 A sample of what is in the St Petersburg Museum of Anthropology, Russia. 

Life As Art - Duane Pasco

Contemporary Art on The Northwest Coast - Karen & Ralph Norris
Salish, Nuu-Chah-Nulth, Makah

Native Visions - Steven C. Brown
Evolution in Northwest Coast Art

Charles Edenshaw - Vancouver Art Gallery , Robin Wright & Daina Augaitis

Abstract Impulse - Robert Davidson

Northern Haidi Master Carvers - Robin Wright

The Raven Steals the Light Bill Reid & Robert Bringhurst

Boxes and Bowls - William C. Sturtevant
Decorated Containers by 19th Century Haida, Tlingit, Bella bella, and Tsimshian Indian Artists

Tradition & Change on The Northwest Coast Ruth Kirk
The Makah, Nuu~chah~nulth, Southern Kwakiutl and Nuxalk

A World of Faces - Edward Malin                                                  Masks of the Northwest Coast Indians

The Transforming Image - Bill McLennan / Karen Defog

Northwest Coast Indian Art - Bill Holm
An Analysis of Form

Tangible Visions  - Allen Ardwell

The Spirit of Haida Gwaii Ulli Steltzer
Bill Reids Masterpiece

The Box of Daylight Bill Holm
Northwest Coast Indian Art

Chiefly Feasts - American Museum of Natural History/Univ of Washington Press

Spirit and Ancestor - Bill Holm
A Century of Northwest Coast Indian Art, Burke Museum

Mythic Beings - Gary Wyatt                                                                  Spirit Art of the Northwest Coast

Raven's Journey - Susan Kaplan / Kristin Barsness

Totem Poles  - Marjorie Halpin

Spirit Faces  -  Gary Wyatt

Listening To Our Ancestors Smithsonian Musuem

Objects Of Bright Pride
Northwest Coast Indian Art - The American Museum of Natural History

Understanding Northwest Coast Art - Cheryl Shearar                       A Guide to Crests, Beings, and Symbols

From the Land of the Totem Poles - Aldona Jonaitis                            The Northwest Coast Indian Art Collection of the American Museum of Natural History

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