Northwest Coast Art

There are far to many talented artists for me to attempt to compile a comprehensive list. My suggestion is to look at bio's and work of the artists in the galleries listed below. Those artists that I have listed have been part of my journey with instruction, assistance, inspiration, or answering my many questions, many others are not aware of their influence.

Haida master artist Bill Reid spoke of the “well-made object,” a term for the masterpieces created by the region’s artists for admiration, adornment and ritual use. The natural materials of the Northwest help make these objects possible: from old growth trees to soft goat furs, bone and horn to copper and grasses. The quality of these materials has inspired artists to craft objects of beauty throughout the centuries. The term treasure speaks to a thing of rare occurrence; the execution of an idea, the combination of beauty and profundity behind an object. In this place where sea meets forest meets mountains, treasures are discovered in each cove and cranny. The joy of finding these treasures—whether it is a totem pole returning to the earth in the forest, or being surprised by a favorite artist—is part of the aura that surrounds the well-made object.

The artists of the Northwest Coast are individuals of rare talent and vision, and collectively honor Reid’s concept with their beautifully-wrought objects.